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We are at the "Crisis Moment" for
Digital Ethics and Post-Digital America.

Our civil rights -- and common humanity -- are under threat.

Technology is defining humanity in any way it chooses, preventing us from defining ourselves.

With political and ideological divides deepening, there is currently no route to a bipartisan consensus on the best way to move towards a more just, free, equitable, and sane post-digital world.

Until now.

The Institute for Digital Humanity: 
A Bipartisan, Cross-Cultural, & Student-Run Technology Ethics Think Tank

IDH In the News: October 2022

Please excuse our remodeling:

  • The IDH is growing very fast and our volunteers are revamping our website as quick as they can. (While preserving access for our national network of students.)  So, ya know: Free labor from (awesome) students. Be kind.

IDH in the News:

  • IDH research on AI justice got a shout out in in Forbes

  • Oh yeah, we were on Nebraska Public Television talking about encoded bias.  Find out more here.

  • Did you say podcasts?  Here we are on Artificial Intelligence and You and The Human Lawyer.

  • The IDH is writing a book:

    • We are currently talking to agents to represent the IDH's memoir (think Black Mirror meets Dead Poets Society), textbooks, podcasts, and documentary.  (But there ain't no ring on our finger yet.)  If you are an agent or publisher and want more information, please contact us.

The IDH's diverse, cross-cultural, and bipartisan coalition is growing!   

(Thank you to all of our partners!)


To learn more about digital ethics,
check out

What Does the IDH Do?

Coordinates Research:

Interdisciplinary, nonpartisan, and peer-reviewed methods for digital ethics and technology law.

IDH Victories Fall 2022

IIDH Research Wins:

Noen Light orange.png

Creates Curriculum:

Interactive, experiential, and non-ideological digital ethics education for K-12, undergraduate, graduate, law school, CLE, and professional credentialing.

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 3.45.59 PM.png

IDH Education Victories:

  • The IDH was featured at South by Southwest EDU!  Go watch our teaser trailer.

  • The IDH and Civic Nebraska are partnering on disinformation education.  Details later this fall.

  • Did we mention the IDH/Coded Bias partnership?  (Yes, the Netflix documentary.)  Check out the K-12 lessons we created to accompany the documentary!

  • The IDH's continuing legal education efforts are, uh, continuing.  We had a fantastic talk with the amazing defense attorneys at the MN Legal Rights Center  (And Prof. Tom Freeman is on deck for talks with the Nebraska and Iowa Bar Associations).

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Catalyzes Civic Engagement:

Media campaigns, art exhibitions, and community trainings to defend our civil rights and protect our most vulnerable post-digital citizens.

All Bullets Shatter Dark.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 4.02.44 PM.png
Digital Rights are Civil Rights

IDH Civic Engagement Victories:

  • Our Executive Director got shot at in his living room last Halloween.  (Yikes.) 
    • Thanks to our amazing donors, the IDH survived (and thrived) and is paying forward with a new campaign to raise money and awareness on gun violence and trauma in the Twin Cities. 
    • Come check out the details of "All Bullets Shatter" and our amazing partners on this endeavor.
  • We can't believe it's been a year since our ACLU MN events: “Plugging In" and the international juried art exhibition "Digital Rights Are Civil Rights."  Take a look at our footage for "Plugging In", and read more about "Digital Rights are Civil Rights."

  • IDH members Shea Sullivan and Hannah Grubbs and the IDH's work were mentioned in Peter Scott's book "Artificial Intelligence and You: What AI Means for Your Life, Your Work, and Your World," published July 2022.

  • Kare-11 (Minneapolis Local News) interviewed the IDH about our efforts for a more just and equitable digital future!

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Provides Consulting:

Pragmatic solutions, communications strategies,  and encodable frameworks for organizations serious about digital ethics or legal compliance.

Transatlantic Dialogue On Humanity and AI Regulation

IDH Consulting Updates (Government)

  • Minneapolis is going ham about drones, and the IDH testified at the public hearing.  We are continuing to work with the city council to convince them to adopt the IDH's bipartisan and cross-cultural methods for civil and productive conversations on technology ethics.

  • The Department of Defense is on the hunt for frameworks to audit AI and autonomous flying vehicles for ethics and human rights.  IDH was thrilled to talk to them (and we will totally try to rope them in).

  • Note to clients: The IDH believes in transparency -- especially surrounding technology and government.  Private companies and conversations are, however, private.

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As you may have noticed, the students at the IDH  dream big
and don't quit. Want to help out? 

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