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January 6, 2021 

A dark day in the United States. Bringing it down to the basic facts, the US Capitol was stormed after a Trump rally. Five people died and over 140 people were injured. 


This was shocking and disheartening to the US and brought further division in an already fragile country.

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Within society, there are medical conditions that are taken less seriously or are overlooked. These conditions often change how people perceived, interpreted, and communicated the events around them. In the past, society and the scientific community have not been kind towards people dealing with these conditions, changing how these people are viewed and able to operate within personal, professional, and medical contexts. Dealing with anxiety, PTSD, depression, body dysmorphia, and chronic illness is already difficult, but the stigma surrounding these makes the issue increasingly difficult for the person.

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Faces of the Riot is a website created after January 6, filled with over 6,000 faces. Each face is connected to a Parler video. The idea is to create an easier way to identify people possibly involved in criminal activity. This could create a concern of privacy. Thousands of faces are published on this website and little context is added to the images. It doesn’t discriminate between those who broke into the Capitol building versus bystanders.

Facial recognition technology has been used throughout the entire investigation. Images from security cameras around the Capitol have been used to identify and convict people involved in criminal activity during the event. Law enforcement uses the footage with the national ID database and social media to match up identities.

Picture of rioters at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Some would say that then-President Trump's words leading up to the event leave no doubt that he should be held as the instigator of that day. Some would argue that he didn’t mean anything by his words. This brings us to the mess of the impeachment trials.


Those of us at the Institute of Digital Humanity combined with the Northerner compiled images and video from the event to create this map of January 6. Our goal is to lay out the events so each person can have a clear picture and make their own decision about what took place. We also have an ongoing list of the arrests and prosecutions made in connection to the events of January 6. When possible, we list their actions, affiliations, charge, and general location.

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Is it a riot, insurrection, or fake news?

Was Trump Responsible?

Facial Recognition

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