The IDH is a student-run think tank that advocates for civil rights issues connected to advances in technology. Specifically, the IDH works to fight against

threats to privacy
algorithmic discrimination and inaccuracy
the filter bubble's dangerous informational and political isolation
the incivility of online hate speech and the undemocratic stifling of free speech

by partnering with a diverse, bi-partisan, and multi-disciplinary coalition of
students, educators, academics, lawyers
and local and national community organizations and advocates.

Since launching in January 2019
the IDH is proud to have partnered with:

The Anti-Defamation League
Bites Media
Indiana University's OSTROM Working Group
Indiana University's Kelly School of Business
The Little Earth Residence Association
Minnesota Department of Health
Creighton University
University of Wisconsin-Stout

and we sincerely appreciate the time, support, podcasts, and/or video from
our local representatives, including

Rep. Peggy Scott, Rep. Jeremy Munson, Rep. Eric Lucero,
Minneapolis City Councilman Abdi Warsame, and St. Paul City Councilperson Nelsie Yang.


IDH Staff


Shea is the Associate Director and Co-Director of Public Relations. She helps speak to the aesthetic aspects of the IDH. Having two moms and the ability to operate power tools are what keeps her hair so vibrantly purple. 



Ayin is the Director of Pedagogy as well as our Digital Curriculum Consultant. Ayin helps write all of our curriculum for our educational projects. She also enjoys long walks in Nebraska.



Moises is the Director of Production. He coordinates with the curation of video content and editing. He enjoys watching movies.



Julius is the Director of Research and Development, as well as our Policy Advisor

for the IDH. He serves as the mediator between the IDH and any political work

we do. He enjoys heated debates and yelling at politicians.



Maddie is our fearless Co-Director of Public Relations. She keeps us all in line and on task as well as making sure we look good online. She can also pierce your ears for $10.


Dr. Aaron McKain

Dr. Aaron McKain is the interim Executive Director of the IDH.  He is currently the Director of the School of English and Communication at North Central University and a Visiting Scholar at Indiana University's OSTROM working group on technology, business, and law.  His fifteen years of publications and public appearances on digital ethics can be found at aaronmckain.com. 

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