Algorithmic Discrimination in Employment

Employers are using algorithms to help make all manner of employment decisions.
Algorithms determine which people will see which job postings. An algorithm's guess about a person's race, gender, age, etc. will determine which advertisements they are shown.
Once a person applies for a job, algorithms scan resumes, CVs, cover letters, and writing samples to determine which applicants are worthy of interviews. 

When a person interviews for a job, algorithms may analyze her facial features, expressions, gestures, body language, and voice to determine whether she is a good fit for the position and the culture.

Algorithms are poor at all of these tasks and most experts believe there is no real value in having them involved as their error rates are so high. There is also a significant danger that as algorithms attempt to do so, they will simply be looking for candidates that match those who have historically been successful at the company. So a tech company that employs mostly white guys in their twenties will be looking for more candidates that fit that profile and overlooking qualified women, minorities, etc. that do not.