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Digital Ethics and
the Institute for Digital Humanity.
Human Lawyer.  
December 2021. 
With Shea Sullivan and Aaron McKain


"Institute for Digital Humanity, part 1.
AI and You. 
March 28, 2022.
With  Shea Sullivan and Hanna Grubbs


"Institute for Digital Humanity, part 2.
AI and You. April 4, 2022.
With Shea Sullvian and Hanna Grubbs


“Critical Race Theory?”
Our Black News.  June 2021. 
 With Aaron McKain and Julius Hernandez.   


“What is Digital Ethics.” 
Our Black News.  May 2021.  
With Julius Hernandez and Annelane Sallee.

“What the Floyd Verdict Means for Minneapolis.” 
Our Black News. April 2021.  

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