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Privacy and digital dignity for everyone


Privacy and digital dignity.
For everyone.

The privacy crisis is scaring the hell out of the idh students

on both sides of the political aisle.

Privacy is the defining moral, political, and civil rights issue

in the fight for digital humanity.


Privacy and digital dignity.
For everyone.

You cannot encode humanity.

The IDH has emerged as local, national, and international thought leaders in the fight to treat people like


AI Ethics, Governance, and Legal Solutions.​

News and Initiatives

#Privacy4All: News and Initiatives

#Privacy4All Press & Victories

Privacy is the cornerstone of digital ethics, and essential to preserving our freedoms,human dignity, and Constitutional rights.  Folks foolishly think the fight for our privacy is "over" in the digital age.  They haven't met the IDH.

#Privacy4All Research & Strategy

One holistic, interdisciplinary, and non-partisan method for the whole digital ethics, law, and governance mess.

2,000 years old.  Constitutional. 
Multi-Faith Compliant. 

Because the programmers who got us into this mess
don't know how to fix it.

Simple enough for a child.
Smart enough for the Supreme Court.

  • “I Want to Party With You Cowboy: Stephen Colbert and Campaign 2016’s Aesthetic Logic of Truthiness.” 
    The Joke is On Us: Political Comedy in (Late) Neoliberal Times. 
    Julie Watson, Ed.  Lexington Press, 2019
    With Thomas Lawson

    Fear and Loathing in the New Media Era : How to Realign our Rhetorical Judgments
    for the Post-Postmodern, Digital Media Age

    Ohio State University, 2012.

    “Why Digital Rights Is The New Civil Rights Movement.” 

    North Carolina A & T State University.

    Greensboro, NC: May 2018

    “What Norm MacDonald and Narrative Theory Can Teach Us About Social Media Privacy Big Data Reasoning.”

    Hamline University.

    Saint Paul, MN.  April 2017

    (In conjunction w/ exhibition for World Press Freedom Day.)

    “Using the Lens of Narrative Theory to Rethink Digital Ethics." 

    International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference. 

    With Marci Exted and Thomas Freeman.  October 2022

    Winner: Primeaux Best Paper Award.  (Runner-Up.)


    “Privacy 3.0: Using Narrative Theory to Reframe Health Data Sanctity.”  

    Inaugural Transatlantic Dialogue on Humanity and AI Regulation.

    Hosted by HEC Paris.  Paris, France.  May 202

    “Privacy 3.0: Using Narrative Theory to Forgive, Forget, and Re-Program Digital Dignity.” 

    Data, Law, and AI Ethics Research Colloquium.

    With Thomas Freeman.  Organizers: Indiana University, Virginia Tech,

    and University of Pennsylvania.  Online.  April 2022 

    “Privacy 3.0: Forgiveness and Student Data After Mahoney.”

    International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference: DePaul University. 

    With Thomas Freeman, Simon Truatman, and Amanda Aherns.  Chicago, IL: October 2021

    “Digital Ethics: What’s Next?”

    OSTROM Workshop.  Indiana University School of Business. 

    With Julius Hernandez and Shea Sullivan. Bloomington, IN: February 2021

    As Technology Evolves, So Will the Law, and So Must Attorneys
    Nebraska Lawyer. July/August 2019
    w/ Thomas Freeman 

    Principles of Digital Law and Ethics
    CPI TechREG Chronicle.
     Special Issue on Machine Learning. Feb 2023
    w/ Thomas Freeman, Samson Hall

    "A Primer on Digital and Data Science Ethics.
    Nebraska Lawyer.  Sept/Oct 2022
    w/ Thomas Freeman, Samson Hall

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