Want the IDH in Your Classroom?

Since 2019, the IDHs' Education Division has been bringing education on digital literacy and technology ethics to (K-college) communities and  classrooms, including partnerships with the Anti-Defamation League, Indiana University, Little Earth, and the Coded Bias documentary team.  

Coded Bias Unit 7th-12th Grade

  • Teach digital ethics through interactive lessons and activities for students 7th-12th grade.

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  • Cover topics of AI, digital citizenship, algorithmic discrimaiton and digital advocacy work in your classroom with these five interactive lessons! 

A Note From Our Director of Education, Ayin Monge

The Institute for Digital Humanity (IDH) is devoted to seeking out educational opportunities for students to engage in the important conversation around digital rights. Now more than ever it's important to educate our students on topics of AI, digital ethics, algorithmic discrimination and so much more. Thank you for joining the fight today and being part of the digital ethics education movement. We need you.

The fight is not over.

Need help facilitating classroom discussions centered on technology, algorithms, AI, digital ethics or more? The IDH can help! Reach out with any questions or concerns!