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AI ETHICS: ART & ADVOCACY #NeighborsNotNumbers


Art is essential to the IDH's #NeighborsNotNumbers initiative.  In addition to all of the IDH Production Division's videos and graphics (which have been used by Bytes Media, and by college students across the country; we compiled a few of them here), the IDH also sponsored a juried international art exhibition on algorithmic ethics -- in partnership with ACLU MN and the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy -- in Spring 2021: "Digital Rights Are Civil Rights: Race and Technology."

To see the entire exhibition -- including interviews with an international panel of artists, curators, and experts -- visit the virtual gallery space.

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Plugging In: ACLU EVENT 

"Plugging In"

A Community Education Event
with ACLU MN, the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy, Reclaim The Block, & Safety Not Surveillance


Art Call Final.png

The submission period for "Contaminated" has ended. If you're interested in seeing the submitted works, check out our partner's web gallery!

In this time of uncertainty, COVID-19 has contaminated everything: Our homes, our lives, how we talk to one another, and even our shared reality.  But how can we use art to cleanse and decontaminate our world of the “political plagues” --  cultural divisions, medical inequities, and digital pollution -- that the Coronavirus has called greater attention to?

This invasion has contaminated all aspects of our lives.  In order to start disinfecting ourselves -- and re-constructing our shared humanity (and reality)  -- the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy and the Institute for Digital Humanity invite submissions to our new juried show “Contaminated.” 

What is “Contaminated”?

Focusing on how COVID-19 has invaded every aspect of our lives -- but curated to catalyze cross-cultural conversations on our post-COVID-19 existence  -- “Contaminated” will take place, virtually and physically, on May 7th, 2020. Submissions are due April 30th, 2020.   


Selected artists will also have the opportunity to be part of our zine publications or national pilot program on post-digital civility.


Whether you have an autoimmune condition, are battling mental health, are someone who is working on the front line, a student whose life is upside down, or even just feeling overwhelmed by all that is happening…You all have a story to contribute and we want to see all of them. 


Any visual medium is welcome (including but not limited to: paintings, performance art, sculpture, video art, graphic design or any other forms or 2D and 3D art).

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