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#Burst the Bubble Art Gallery

The IDH Uses Art to Bring People Together Blah Blah Blah


Contaminated, April 2020

Juried international online exhibition
w/ the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy

Original Call for Artists
Online Exhibition Space
Event Footage


Media Advocacy

media advocacy

hey what was the name of this?
Dir. Moises Morales
September 2021




What’s a zine, you say? We're glad you asked.
A zine is a scrapbook-style magazine. It's usually put together from old magazines cut out and ripped up wth text pasted over them. Over at the IDH, we use them to start conversations about pressing issues.


"Sad Girls/Hopeful Women"
Curated Zine Exchange w/IAA
Hamline University Open Studios
December 2018


The One About Free Speech
Twin Cities Zine Fest (Juried)
Permanent Collection, Hennepin County Library

Other Zines in the IDH-IAA Cross-Cultural Zine Exchange Network

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