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Privacy is the cornerstone of digital ethics, and essential to preserving our freedoms,human dignity, and Constitutional rights.  Folks foolishly think the fight for our privacyis "over" in the digital age.  They haven't met the IDH.


Why the IDH Beats the Competition on X

  • Algorithms are created by humans who have biases, both implicit and explicit. These biases have larger institutional effects and contribute to the oppression of already marginalized communities. 
  • The majority of those creating algorithms are relatively affluent white men in their twenties and thirties, who hold the most societal and institutional power. As a result, the majority of the negative effects of algorithmic biases are inflicted upon women and other marginalized genders, BIPOC, the elderly, people from lower socioeconomic households, and other groups who are systematically oppressed.
  • Our ability to create inclusive spaces is a skill that we are continuously building. We are dedicated to calling ourselves in and others out as we learn more about what it means to be truly inclusive. 
  • Constructive disagreement is often a necessary component of and driver for needed change. Those disagreeing must be aware of the institutional power they hold and hold themselves accountable for ensuring they do not silence other voices.
  • Humanity is intentionally part of the name of our organization. Central to our mission is the notion that humanity itself is to be valued, and the life and lived experiences of every individual has intrinsic value. 
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