#Burst the Bubble

Post-digital tribalism and journalism

The IDH thanks its #BurstTheBubble (disinformation fighting and journalism fixing) 
partners and mentors:
The Northerner News on Purposes, Our Black News, and Indiana University.

And since every (cross-cultural and bi-partisan) IDH partnership helps #BurstTheBubble,
our special thanks to these folks (for trusting us):  
The ADL, ACLU MN, Bytes Media, the Little Earth Native American HUD Community,
and (our sister from another mister) the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy.

#Burstthebubble roadmap

  • Every bi-partsian, multi-faith, and cross-cultural IDH 
    parnership helps #burstthebubble: Healing communities
    that have been algorithmically put at odds and helping
    to get valuable information to both sides of the bubble


  • For specific initiatives, use the menu bar on your right.

  • For more on "how" the IDH #burststhebubble, click here.

  • Need a crash course on the filter bubble, start here.

  • Recent #burstthebubble victories live here

  • Are you an independent news outlet, a high school
    or college newspaper (or teacher), or a community
    drowning in disinformation?  Email the
    #BurstTheBublbe Project Manager Hannah Grubbs.

#Burstthebubble fall 2021 victories

  • IDH Journalism Network is live!

    • Learn more about tis groundbreaking partnership
      between the Northerner, News On Purpose,
      Our Black News, and Saint Paul high school
      students here.


    • Read the first round of IDH Journalism Network
      stories -- focused on technology ethics, race and 
      policing in Minneapolis, and public health --


    • Our thanks to Indiana University for helping us
      apply for a Russel Sage grant on this critical 
      work for the Twin Cities.  (Fingers crossed.)


  • IDH Research Associate Hannah Grubbs's published
    on using trauma theory to help heal people and
    families trapped in filter bubbles.  

How the IDH -- and Its Partners -- #BurstTheBubble

​Our goal at the IDH is to essentially burst the bubble,
and start conversations
to tear down the walls between opposing sides.

In order to start the deconstruction
we have to deprogram the hate
and humanize one another. 

The IDH bursts the bubble in three ways;

  • Every IDH initiative starts with finding a cross-cultural and bi-partisan coalition of folks “on either side” of the filter bubble to prove that people can still come together to fight for a just, civil, and sane post-digital world.

  • Our specific #BurstTheBubble Initiatives -- #JusticeForFloyd, and Election Parties -- allow for us to come together to determine what is factual and what is opinion, and to find where one might agree while another disagrees in a way that allows for growth and understanding.

  • Our proven and peer-reviewed IDH methodologies for triangulating truthful news and different perspectives are based on cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on how to both fact check news sources and catalyze/curate stories for all communities to learn from.

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