Filter Bubble

The filter bubble is the concept that we are surrounded by people, ideas, and opinions that mirror our own. Based on where we live, what we view, and who we follow algorithms will showcase things you agree with on your feed. This gives people a skewed view of reality and heightens the tension between those with opposing views.

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              As a result, there are issues with determining what is a logical argument or what is an opinion based argument. Due to people only being shown what they wish to see, the line between factual and opinion continues to blur more and more. It becomes easy to dismiss others' logical argument because their argument includes information that is not within your bubble.

             When it is automatically assumed that one’s argument is illogical due to them being outside your bubble, it may also be assumed they are an unethical person. Disregarding one's credibility based on what bubble they are a part of. Creating tension and loss of respect with anyone outside of your bubble, which leads to unproductive and unhealthy conversations.

             Our goal at the IDH is to essentially burst the bubble, and start conversations to tear down the walls between opposing sides. In order to start the deconstruction we have to deprogram the hate and humanize one another. Bursting the filter bubble will allow for us to come together to determine what is factual and what is opinion. To find where one might agree while another disagrees in a way that allows for growth and understanding.

Medical Unreliability Zines


Within society, there are medical conditions that are taken less seriously or are overlooked. These conditions often change how people perceived, interpreted, and communicated the events around them. In the past, society and the scientific community have not been kind towards people dealing with these conditions, changing how these people are viewed and able to operate within personal, professional, and medical contexts. Dealing with anxiety, PTSD, depression, body dysmorphia, and chronic illness is already difficult, but the stigma surrounding these makes the issue increasingly difficult for the person.


Art Exhibits

COVID-19 changed our world, flipped it completely upside down. Many suffer from autoimmune diseases, mental health, or had to readjust to a new and confusing world. With this art exhibit we asked students and artists to make art that showcased how COVID-19 impacted them. Using any medium, 2D, 3D, or even performative art was welcomed. The purpose of this was to showcase everyone’s story and help them know they are not alone.

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