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Cross-Cultural Communication 

A main mission of #BurstTheBubble is cultivating lines of communication between people who don't agree on all (or any) issues. We sometimes call this "Cross-Cultural Communication." Our work to cross cultures spans many demographics: religion; politics; gender identity; sexual orientation; geography; and more. It's a lofty goal (so we're told), but we know its worth the effort. Because in a world divided, our only hope is to work together.

One of the ways we communicate cross-culturally is with zines. What’s a zine, you say?

We're glad you asked.

A zine is a scrapbook-style magazine. It's usually put together from old magazines cut out and ripped up, with text pasted over them. Sometimes they're made digitally. Here at the IDH, we use them to start conversations about pressing issues. (We've even participated at
Twin Cities Zine Fest, partnering with the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy, for a few of our zines.

For a few examples, take a look below.

Interested in doing a zine exchange?
Let us know!

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