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Biased, incorrect, and illegal
AI and algorithms

are destroying lives.

We fix them

We fix them

Biased, dumb, and illegal

ai and algorithms

are already ruining lives.

we know how to fix that.  fast.

    • All Bullets Shatter: Uncounted Stories of Gun Violence and Trauma May 2021. Minneapolis, MN.
      Thank you to our partners: Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy, ACLU MN, Guns Down, Love Up; Protect Minnesota; Second Chance Coalition, North Surburban Center for the Arts, Urban Educators, the Digital Archive of Literary Narratives (and our friends at Ohio State, U of Pittsburgh, U of Oregon, and U of Georgia.)
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    • Post-Digital Free Speech
      Curated Cross-Cultural Zine Exchange Hennepin County Library. Permanent Collection. September 2019 w/ The Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy, Hamline University, and North Central University
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    • K-12
    • NBC KARE-11 EVENING NEWS: "After Facebook Scandal, College Students Talking Issues of Big Tech."
      NBC KARE-11 Evening News 7 November 2021 Additional Broadcasts: NBC WTOL 11 (Toledo, OH) NBC KHOU 11. Houston, TX. NBC KXTV. Sacramento, CA.
    • Regulating Artificial Intelligence: Is Global Consensus Possible? 9 September 2022.
    • Criminal Convictions By Algorithm Ruining Innocent Lives
      Omaha World Herald w/ Thomas Freeman, Libby Otto, and Dr. Aaron McKain 29 August 2021
    • Coded Bias: A Roundtable Discussion
      Nebraska Public Television. March 2021. w/ Thomas Freeman.
    • “Why Isn’t There Social Media Forgiveness?” NBC KARE-11 (Minneapolis). 13 September 2018.
    • Is There Social Media Forgiveness?
      NBC KARE-11 Evening News (Minneapolis). 13 September 2018.
    • Students Tackle Big Questions of Online Privacy Rights
      Creighton News. 11 May 2023.
    • NCU Technology Students Impacting Nation
    • "Digital Ethics and The Institute for Digital Humanity"
      The Human Lawyer. December 2021. w/ Dr. Aaron McKain and Shea Sullivan.
    • The Institute for Digital Humanity
      AI and You. 28 March 2022. (Part One) AI and You. 4 April 2022. (Part Two) w/ Hannah Grubbs and Shea Sullivan
    • Critical Race Theory
      Our Black News. June 2021. w/ Dr. Aaron McKain and Julius Herandez
    • What is Digital Ethics?
      Our Black News. May 2021. with Dr. Aaron McKain.
    • What the Floyd Verdict Means for Minneapolis
      Our Black News June 2021. Blah blah blah fix this.
    • ​A Legal Guide to Digital Ethics Issues For Attorneys
      The Law. Spring 2023. w/ Thomas Freeman and Dr. Aaron McKain.
    • Five Principles of Digital Law and Ethics
      Competition Policy International, Tech Reg Chronicle. February 2023. Special Issue on Machine Learning. w/ Samson Hall, Thomas Freeman and Dr. Aaron McKain. Research Associates Joseph Masi, Michael Bartz, William Harper, Kylie Karsky, Madeleine Britto, C.J. Braccia, Emily Atamov, Ava Verzani, and Clare Hart.
    • A Primer on Digital and Data Science Ethics
      Nebraska Lawyer. March 2022. w/ Thomas Freeman, Samson Hall, and. Dr. Aaron McKain Research Associates: Joseph Masi, Matthew Mandolfo, Madeleine Britto, Michael Bartz, William Harper, Kylie Karsky, Meagan Compton, Emily Atamov.
    • Algorithmic Unreliability: The Constitutionality of Employment AI
      Vincentian Business Conference. October 2022. Runner-Up for Best Paper. w/ Marci Exted, Thomas Freeman, and Dr. Aaron McKain
    • Rhetorically Mapping Religious Freedom, LGTBQIA Discrimination and The First Amendment After Janus and Masterpiece
      Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business. 2020. Winner: Best Paper Award w/ Thomas Freeman and Dr. Aaron McKain In the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop, the U.S. Supreme Court ducked the ultimate question of how disputes between religious business owners and members of the LGBTQIA community should be resolved. In this paper, we seek to devise a multipart test the Court could use to resolve such conflicts.
    • Rhetorically Predicting 1st Amendment Rights After Janus
      William and Mary Law Review. 2020. Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy. 2022. w/ Thomas Freeman, Dr. Aaron McKain, and Destynie Sewell,
    • As Technology Evolves, So Does the Practice of Law, and So Must Attorneys
      Nebraska Lawyer. 2019. w/ Thomas Freeman and Dr. Aaron McKain
    • Dealing With Algorithmic Injustice
      The Law. July 2022. w/ Thomas Freeman.
    • WandaVision Exposes the Reality that Our Filter Bubbles Control our Minds
      Popular Culture and Theology. September 22, 2021. w/ Hannah Grubbs.
    • WandaVision: An Intersectional Perspective on the Erasure of Jewish Identity April 18th, 2021. w/ Joe Cobb.
    • In Two Voices: A Patient and a Neurosurgeon Tell Their Story by Linda Clarke and Michael Cusimano
      Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine. August 2020. w/ Amanda Aherns, Dr. Aaron McKain, and Stephen Pederson.
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Our politicians and programmers can't save us in time to stop an AI Apocalypse and digital humanity rights crisis.

Even if they could, we are all too busy hating each other to listen.

Our programmers and politicians
can't fix it in time.

But we can.

AI ethics and legal solutions for 
teachers, lawyers, programmers, policymakers,
citizens, and advocates.

AI ethics education

and ai ethics and advocacy
strategies to make sure people are treated like

Simple.  Proven.  Bi-partisan.  

news and updates


IDH victories for everyone's digital civil rights.

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