Dr. Aaron McKain

Dr. Aaron McKain is the interim Executive Director of the IDH.  He is currently the Director of the School of English and Communication at North Central University and a Visiting Scholar at Indiana University's OSTROM working group on technology, business, and law.  His fifteen years of publications and public appearances on digital ethics can be found at 




Shea is the Associate Director and Co-Director of Public Relations. She helps speak to the aesthetic aspects of the IDH. Having two moms and the ability to operate power tools are what keeps her hair so vibrantly purple.

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Ayin is the Director of Pedagogy as well as our Digital Curriculum Consultant. Ayin helps write all of our curriculum for our educational projects. She also enjoys long walks in Nebraska.



Moises is the Director of Production. He coordinates with the curation of video content and editing. He enjoys watching movies.


Annelane Sallee

Director of Research

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Julius is the Director of Development, as well as our Policy Advisor for the IDH. He serves as the mediator between the IDH and any political work we do. He enjoys heated debates and yelling at politicians.


Thomas Freeman- Senior Research and Policy Advisor

Thomas Freeman, JD, MS, MBA, is a practicing attorney and Professor at Creighton University. Professor Freeman is a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Nebraska. While at the Attorney General's Office, he led multi state investigations, involving the FTC and other state governments. His clients have included individuals, small businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, county governments, and Native American tribes and businesses. He has won cases in federal, state, and tribal courts all across the country. Professor Freeman has attained an AV-Preeminent Rating from his peers, been listed as a SuperLawyer, and been ranked by his students as the best professor at Creighton University.

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Elizabeth Otto- Senior Curriculum Advisor

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Allison Baker- Senior Aesthetics Advisor

Allison Baker is an Associate Professor of Studio Art at Hamline University. She earned her MFA in Sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design, a BFA in Sculpture and BA in Gender Studies from Indiana University. Her work investigates hegemonic femininity as a site of transgression and resistance with tongue planted firmly in cheek where she deploys  irony and the abject in order to make space to ponder the soul crushing banalities of what many might term “women’s work.” It’s funny (hopefully) but funny with a serrated edge. 

Allison has exhibited nationally and internationally including at the CICA Museum in South Korea, Zverev Centre of Contemporary Art in Moscow, the Knockdown Center in New York, and Franconia Sculpture Park where her work is currently exhibited. Allison is passionate about inclusion and equity in metal casting and has presented on “Pedagogies on Inclusion” at the ICCCIA and NCCIAP.

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Dr. Daniel Schneider - Senior Research Advisor

Small town fan Dr. Schneider is an Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin at La Crosse and specializes in early-modern philosophical thought. He has held numerous academic posts around the world: He was a post doc at Ghent University in Belgium, and a lecturer at Cambridge University, and at the University of Haifa in Israel. He is working with the Institute for Digital Humanities because he believes enlightenment theories of epistemology, politics and humanity, can help solve many of the “new” ethical, social, and political problems of the use of big data in the contemporary digital world.

Access to Dr. Schneider’s research can be found at

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