Amanda Ahrens

Sarah Haglund

Sarah is a senior at North Central University majoring in Communication Arts: Journalism. She works for the IDH as the research director.

Amanda is a Research and Writing Associate for the Institute of Digital Humanity. She has been at North Central University for 2 years, majoring in Communication Media and Creative Writing. Amanda has a passion for telling and sharing stories.

Roman Sawczak

Annelane Sallee

Annie is a Media Communications major going into her Junior year at North Central University. She is passionate about digital ethics and helping those within her community. 

Roman is the Production Executive at the IDH. He's been studying Digital Media at North Central University for 2 years now and has lots of experience with video editing and graphic design. He hopes to see a world where people can communicate without barriers.

Hannah Grubbs

Hannah Grubbs is from Cleveland, Ohio (and yes she is still a Browns fan). This is her second year at North Central University, and she is studying journalism. She just finished watching Attack on Titan and started to learn how to play Valorant... and yes she is a gamer girl.