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The Living Textbook Project

In our modern era, the textbook is an archaic and out-dated mode of education. It takes years to publish textbooks, new editions rarely add new information, and they hit college students hard in their wallets. This method of learning worked in the past, but the world is getting faster and faster with the emergence of Web 2.0 and the progression through a post-digital era. In the current system, by the time a new textbook is published, the information is already months, if not years, outdated.

That’s why the IDH has initiated the Living Textbook Project (LTP). The LTP is a constantly growing and adapting textbook built for 21st century learning and beyond. The seed pages for the LTP were created by the IDH team, but the expansion of the LTP is outsourced to students in response to real-world events; each student creates content for the LTP, and the IDH team curates it and incorporates it into the LTP.

In the future, the IDH hopes to have LTP pages and content for a wide range of issues, powered by students and all using a systematic approach.

Check out some of our core concepts we use!

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