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Table of Contents:

Why Filter Bubble is Killing America

Why the Filter Bubble is Killing America

  • READ and WATCH the IDH website on the Filter Bubble.​​

    • The topic this week is disinformation and the post-fact society;  what additional content on that does the IDH webpage need?

Why Mass Media Law Can't Fix the Bubble

Why Mass Media Law Can't Fix the Bubble
  • RULE 230:

    • WATCH: What is Rule 230?

    • WATCH: 60 Minutes on Rule 230

    • READ and BRIEF: Zehan v. AOL  (in Privacy and Media)
    • WATCH:
      • IDH Podcast, April 7th, 2020, "Pregame on Rule 230" or
      • IDH Podcast, April 14th, 2020 "Rule 230"

What Might Work to Legally Fight the Filter Bubble

What might work


    • WATCH: What is defamation?

    • READ: Solove & Schwartz. Dissemination of False Information.
      In Privacy and the Media   (pages 174-176; 185-196)  

    • READ and BRIEF: NY Times v. Sullivan 

      • WATCH: IDH Podcast, March 31, 2020, "NYT v. Sullivan"​​​

    • READ and BRIEF: Gertz v. Welch 

      • WATCH: IDH Podcast, March 31, 2020, "Gertz v. Welch"​


    • READ and BRIEF: Time v. Hill 

      • WATCH: IDH Podcast, March 31, 2020 "Time v. Hill"

Assignments for the Week

Assigments for the week

Alright team, as promised we are going to keep this week easy.

Here's how: We are going to "bank" your Logos Project Assignment.  It will not be due this week.  We will assign (next week) an easy fix for our webpage (based on this week's content) and that won't be due until the end of the semester.  (Read between the lines; McKain is doing you a solid.). So make sure you do all the readings, take notes, etc.  (Because you need to know everything from this week for the coming week.)

What is due this week (and next week) -- work with me here -- is the IDH Podcast Game assignment.  And I want to see if we can do this "for reals."  In other words, I want to see if -- via coordination on Slack -- we can make a podcast segment just using the online students. (If this works, we can start doing it with Indiana next fall.)

Here are the rules: Everyone will tape two pieces of podcast audio.  The first piece is below. The second piece will have to wait until we hear your colleagues responses.  (Which is why "part two" will happen next week.). Again: remember I'm getting you out of a lot of work this week, so just make a good faith effort to see if this pilot can function.

We are going to focus on two case studies: Alex Jones' lawsuit and whether (this is an IDH theory) you can use false light to challenge algorithms.

Case Study One: Alex Jones
READ: Alex Jones loses lawsuit on Sandy Hook
WATCH: Colbert on Alex's Jones' Divorce​

Podcast Topic: Do We Like the Ruling Against Alex Jones?

Facts: (Richard, 2 min max)
Issue #1 and Rules: Defamation (Kadija, 2 min max)
Issue #2 and Rules: Elonis (Nick, 2 min)

Analysis #1: Defamation
(Should Jones lose and do we want defamation used to fight disinformation?) Micah (2-3 min)

Analysis #2: Elonis
(Could Jones credibly claim that the Elonis rule protects "personas" and is this a good thing for digital ethics?) Richard (2-3 min)

Round Two Rebuttals (TBD)
Rachel, Erica, Caleb, Josiah

Put your audio
Label it, Last Name, Podcast Game, and your section


Case Study Two: False Light as Algorithm Protection?

Harm: Why Algorithms are dangerous (Erica, 1 min)

Inherency: Why Rule 230 protects tech companies (Rachel, 2 min)

Plan #1: Could false light work? (McKain)

Plan #2: What the rule of false light? (Josiah, 2 minutes)

Solvency: Argue FOR applying false light to sue employment algorithms  (Caleb) (2-3 min)

Solvency: Argue AGAINST applying false light to sue employment algorithms.  (Leonel) (2-3 min)

Round Two Rebuttals: (TBD)

Micah, Nick, Kadija, 

Put your audio here:

Label it: Last Name, Podcast Game, Your Section

this week's videos

This Week's Videos

MEDIA LAW, March 31, 2020

  • Meeting Minute are here

    • 04:33: Defamation (NYT  v. Sullivan)

    • 35:00: Gertz v. Welch

    • 1:25:50: Dominion and Fox

    • 2:17:00: False Light (​Time v. Hill) 

MEDIA LAW, April 7th, 2020

  • Meeting Minute are here

  • 07:50:00-1:01:00

    •  Pre Debate on Rule 230

MEDIA LAW, April 14th, 2020

  • Meeting Minute are here

  • 17:16: Rule 230 Podcast

  • 1:07:00: FB Supreme Court Podcast

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