New technology always brings change.
In many ways, 20 years after the digital revolution,
we’re more connected than ever before.
But is this a genuine connection?
And -- as a society -- what has it cost us? 
How many personal liberties and privacy values are we willing to sacrifice
under the guise of security?
How many human professionals
-- doctors, lawyers, public servants, psychologists, and teachers --
will we allow to be replaced
by biased and inaccurate algorithms?
How much online hate speech
-- and digital infringement on our free speech --
will we allow to contaminate and stifle our democracy?
How divided and manipulated will we allow ourselves to become
-- by social media's filter bubbles --
before we put our feet down
and collectively say “enough is enough”?
For the IDH,
the time to act is now.
As a student-run digital ethics think tank
-- founded out of North Central University in downtown Minneapolis --
the IDH builds coalitions across the digital divide
by bringing diverse and bi-partisan teams
of students, advocates, researches, educators, and politicians
together to fight for a free and just post-digital world.
Through our academic research,
nationally piloted high school and college curricula,
video and art advocacy,
and community education workshops,
the IDH asks everyone a simple question:
Technology is going to keep expanding
-- and changing what it means to be
a patient, a citizen, a politician, a student
a person
in this post-digital world --
shouldn’t we all have a say in where it’s heading?