Algorithmic Justice and Equity

AI Ethics Art and Media Advocacy


Most folks don't even understand what an algorithm is. 
Let alone how algorithms are already replacing human judgment
-- in inaccurate, discriminatory, and unconstitutional ways --
that are already affecting citizens of all walks of life.

Which is why the IDH has spent the last 18 months
building diverse, bi-partisan coalitions
of academics, lawyers, programmers, politicians, advocates,

and educators
to help communities (and companies)
get on the same page when thinking and talking about
algorithmic assessment, regulation, and reform. 

We call this #NeighborsNotNumbers.



Our partners on #NeighborsNotNumbers have included:

The Anti-Defamation League

Bites Media

The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University

The Little Earth Native American HUD Community

The Minnesota Department of Health

along with all of the Minnesota state representatives and city council members who were kind enough to talk to us.


  • IDH Response to City of Minneapolis' Proposed Facial Recognition Ban

  • IDH To Release White Paper on Facial Recognition

  • IDH To Release White Paper on Predictive Policing

  • IDH Algorithmic Education Curriculum Released By Bites Media

  • IDH Partners With Indiana University on Algorithmic Ethics Community Education

  • IDH Partners With Indiana University Students on Digital Ethics Research Network

  • IDH's Senior Writer Samson Hall Published in Nebraska Lawyer on Algorithmic Ethics

  • IDH Presents Algorithm Assessment Methodology to Big Data Legal Conference

  • IDH Presents Algorithmic Assessment Methodology to Narrative Society Conference

  • IDH's Partnership With Anti-Defamation League Begins Pilot Stage

  • IDH's Executive Director Named Visiting Scholar at Indiana University

  • IDH Presents Algorithmic Assessment Methodology to Indiana University's Kelley School of Business

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