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When used incorrectly, algorithms -- and similar Artificial Intelligence-driven driven programs -- run the risk of real world discrimination against already marginalized people groups.

So the goal of the IDH's #NeighborsNotNumbers campaign is simple:  Treat all people -- citizens, students, employees, patients, and consumers --  as the multi-faceted human beings that they are, 
not as a variable in an algorithm's biased or unreliable code.

#NeighborsNotNumber's diverse and bi-partisan coalition of academics, attorneys, advocates, politicians, educators and artists include our proud partners at:


#NeighborsNotNumbers victories

With our bi-partisan and cross-cultural coalition -- and peer reviewed methods to assess and fix faulty, unethical and illegal algorithms -- the IDH has emerged as a local, national, and international leaders in the fight to treat people like 


June 2021:
IDH Partner’s With Netflix’s Coded Bias on High School Curriculum



    • Presented at SXSW EDU 2022. You can check it out here.

    • Designed (Free) Lesson Plans for Coded Bias.
      (Yes, the Netflix Movie!
       Preview it here.)



    • The IDH in the Omaha World Herald talking about algorithmic convictions (and why they are scary for everyone).  Article is over here.


    • Our Plugged In community education event (w/ACLU MN, Safety Not Surveillance, and the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy) was a banger. Watch the footage here.

what is algorithmic Ethics?

Most folks don't even understand what an algorithm is.  Let alone how algorithms are already replacing human judgment -- in inaccurate, discriminatory, and unconstitutional ways -- that are already affecting citizens of all walks of life.

Which is why the IDH has spent the last 18 months building diverse, bi-partisan coalitions of academics, lawyers, programmers, politicians, advocates,  and educators to help communities (and companies) get on the same page when thinking and talking about algorithmic assessment, regulation, and reform. 

We call this #NeighborsNotNumbers.