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IDH News Pitch: May 5, 2023

Local College Students (Graduating Today) Built the Bi-Partisan AI Ethics Solution White House Says It Needs to Save Country

Yesterday, the White House finally got serious about the "AI Apocalypse" and began the search for workable political and technological fixes to save our country in time. 


The proven solution, however, is right here in Minneapolis.

In 2019, a small group of students at a Bible college in downtown Minneapolis (North Central University) pulled off the politically impossible: They created a the country's only student-run, bi-partsian, and multi-faith digital ethics think tank -- the Institute for Digital Humanity (  to bring conservatives, liberals, Christians, Muslims, and Jewish-Americans together to fight against the technology tearing our country apart. 


  • In four years, they achieved locally and nationally recognized victories: Partnering with the Anti-Defamation League, ACLU, Netflix, Bar Associations, universities, lawyers, and advocates on teachable and programmable solutions for privacy, AI discrimination, disinformation, hate speech, and free speech. 

  • Highlights include helping to ban facial recognition in Minneapolis; appearances in Forbes, PBS, and the local news; trainings for colleges, high schools, politicians, and attorneys; and multiple international art exhibitions.

  • The "origin story" of the IDH is also a major news story.  The IDH was founded by two childhood friends from opposite sides of the political aisle (Dr. Aaron McKain, a longtime First Amendment and digital ethics professors) and Prof. Tom Freeman (Creighton University; former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Nebraska) after Dr. McKain left liberal higher education (over free speech concerns at Hamline University) and became a "diversity hire" at a conservative Evangelical college (North Central University.)

Sadly, due to budget cuts at both host institutions, McKain and Freeman were laid off this Spring, and the students' departments and programs were closed.  So now the IDH -- operating as an independent non-profit -- is entering a new chapter.  Its next initiative -- "Privacy for All.  Period."  -- brings pro-life and pro-choice groups together to fight for reproductive data privacy and has already gained ACLU NE as a partner.


The IDH's founding students are graduating today at Emmanuel Christian Center.  (7777 University Ave NE; Spring Lake Park, MN).  Students would be available for interviews before the ceremony (11:45-12:45) or after (approximately 4 pm).  Dr. McKain can be available before, during, or after the ceremony.  He can be contacted -- for coordination -- at 614-746-0834. 


We are also available any time this weekend or next week. But footage of graduating students can probably make this story viral and get the attention of the Biden Administration on this critical national security and human rights issue.

Many thanks,


Dr. Aaron McKain, Executive Director, Institute for Digital Humanity

Thomas Freeman, Research Director, Institute for Digital Humanity

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