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  • The IDH proudly partners with the Coded Bias team to present this interactive curriculum on digital ethics designed for grades 7 through 12, students will learn about artificial intelligence (AI), digital citizenship, algorithmic discrimination, and digital advocacy

  • Looking for supplementary materials? Listen to the IDH discuss digital ethics with the Coded Bias Team!

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Course Materials

Post-Viewing Discussion



Algorithms are Unreliable


Harms of Algorithms
and How They Work (and Why They’re Unreliable)


Algorithmic Discrimination and Biases


Use of Algorithms in Legal Proceedings


Secret/Ambiguous Implementation of Facial Recognition Software (and Algorithms)


“FDA for Algorithms” - Possible Solutions for Unreliable Algorithms

The IDH's Tom Freeman (Creighton University) joined Coded Bias' Director 
on PBS/Nebraska Educational Television to talk algorithmic discrimination a
nd how to fix it

Discussion, Coded Bias
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