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Policy Debate Method

The IDH uses the Policy Debate Method to analyze the arguments and policies that are promoted in any of the writing we do. The Policy Debate Method is broken down into five aspects -- Harm, Inherency, Plan, Solvency, and Advantage -- that help us frame out our argument.

Harm allows us to identify the issue that our argument or proposal is trying to solve. Inherency is the reason that the status quo -- or going without any action at all -- won’t solve our Harm. The next piece of the puzzle is the Plan (which is exactly what it sounds like) which allows us to explain exactly what our solution is. Solvency is the proof -- evidence that it isn’t a scam --  that our Plan will solve our Harm. The last aspect is called Advantage and that is simply the extra mile our plan will go beyond just solving the problem, or why our plan is better than the other guy’s. This method allows us to analyze and discuss any number of topics or policies that come across our desks in a versatile and easy to understand way. This also allows us to communicate our policies in a way that allows the general public to understand complex issues.

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