If you have ever felt that you’re being watched… It’s because you are. Technology has integrated so deeply into our lifestyle that it’s difficult to go anywhere without at least one device capturing your every move. Devices are abundant in our world: they’re in the stores where we shop, beside the roads we drive, in the airports we use, and so on.
But the device that surveils you the most is the one that goes in your pocket every morning.
Not only are we constantly being captured on video, but what we watch, hear, search, buy, sell, browse or otherwise consume is also recorded and cataloged. We reflect almost every thought and emotion into our devices. Our phones alone remember what we like to eat most, what we want to watch based on our mood, what we want to buy in the future, who our favorite people are, how often we visit the dentist, and where we like to keep the thermostat.
We willingly give up our privacy every time we skim through the “Terms of Use” for every app or service and click “Accept.” But what if there is a way to regulate how Big Tech uses your data? What if our privacy could be protected?
That’s what the IDH fights for.

June 2021:
IDH Partner’s With Netflix’s Coded Bias on High School Curriculum


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