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Public Health 

  • Want to know why #BurstTheBubble focuses
    on public health.  Start
  • Did you know public health is also about
    medical communication?  Learn more


  • Remember when the IDH had an 
    international juried art show on public health
    at the height of the pandemic and lockdown?
    (Yeah, we don't remember 2020 either. But
    that groundbreaking experiment in post-Zoom
    art curation -- and bringing diverse communities
    together to talk through what it means to
    be sick and human is
Why Public Health

Why #BursttheBubble Focuses on Public Health 

COVID-19 has shown how filter bubbles
can even affect public health.

Americans have retreated to their respective
filter bubbles on issues like masking,
and the government's role
in masking and vaccinations.

Members of each group spend increasing
amounts of time with those who share
their views and less time with those who disagree.
Algorithms exacerbate this by
showing people more and more 'news'
stories that reinforce what they already believe.
These dangers are not limited to COVID-19,
the so-called "postmodern infodemic."  There were plenty of #filterbubble and disinformation tragedies in public health long before and after 2020.

The bottom line is that people suffer dangerous complications, or even die as a result of not being provided with accurate health information or not believing it if and when they are. 
Reporting on Public Health

IDH Journalism Network Reporting on Public Health

To read/watch full content, click on the media.

IDH/Northerner Interview with Sen. Scott Jensen, M.D. in  April 2021.  (Sen. Jensen was deplatformed for his COVID views.)

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