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Support the IDH

The IDH needs your help.
(Seriously, Fighting robots? Not easy. Weird, right?)

Please watch our fundraising video.



The IDH runs primarily on volunteer student labor. (With extremely appreciated grants, client-work, and pro bono contributions by lawyers, scholars, programmers, video production professionals, educators, and community advocates) 

But without our paid administrative and Directors staff,we wouldn't exist.

Our world is bloated with technology. Almost every aspect of our lives is monitored or “enhanced” by the use of some digital technology, but not all of these options are as benevolent as they claim.

To combat this, we work to ensure our neighbors of both today and tomorrow live in a free and equitable post-digital world.

This issue affects everyone.

So why shouldn’t everyone be involved?

Want to get connected with the IDH?

Want to connect your students to the IDH?

We are always looking for new team members
and help on a various number of projects.
We are in search of:

  • Artists

  • Legal Researchers

  • Social Media Geniuses

  • Educators

  • Programmers


Interested in Donating Your Time or Talent?

We’ve been doing this since 2019 with a focus on bi-partisanship. We believe this bi-partisan approach is the most effective means of fighting for digital justice.

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