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Recent Victories

Filter Bubbles and Disinformation

The "filter bubble" is the idea that algorithms -- used by social media companies, news organizations, political campaigns, and advertisers -- make decisions about the content we see based on

  1. what we've clicked, bought, watched, or digitally interacted with; and

  2. our demographic, geographic, consumer, and/or political data (which, far more troubling and much creepier, could include information about our race, class, religion, gender, sexuality, and more).

#BurstTheBubble seeks to push back against the post-digital "bubble" created by algorithmically partitioned digital spaces that lead to competing ideologies that don't agree on a basic set of facts about the world.

#BurstTheBubble's much appreciated and diverse partners include: Civic Nebraska, The Northerner, Our Black News, and News on Purpose.

Every bipartisan, multi-faith, and cross-cultural
IDH partnership helps
Bursting the bubble heals communities that have been
algorithmically put at odds and helping to get valuable
information to both sides of the bubble.

#Burstthebubble victories


  • With the IDH Journalism Network, we partner with the Northerner, News On Purpose, Our Black News, and Saint Paul high school students to work towards a common set of facts, a key aspect of "bursting" the filter bubble.​

  • Our Partnership with Civic Nebraska also helps breakdown filter bubbles. More on that soon!



  • The Election of 2020 was a stressful and extremely partisan time. Despite the high tensions between political ideologies, the IDH found a way to host a bipartisan, cross cultural viewing party.

  • Kare-11 (Minneapolis Local News) interviewed the IDH about our efforts for a more just and equitable digital future!

  • The IDH joined ACLU MN, the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy, Reclaim the Block, and Saftey Not Survillance for the "Plugging In" community education event highlighting digital ethics, technological privacy, and more.

  • Check out the online gallery space for "Digital Rights are Civil Rights," an online art exhibit showcasing the intersection of digital ethics and civil rights, with a particular focus on racism and systemic oppression.

  • Partnering with the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy, the IDH also put on "Contaminated," an art show displaying all the ways (oth personal and communal) COVID impacted public health.

How the IDH bursts the bubble

How the IDH & Its PartnerS #BURSTTHEBUBBLE

The IDH bursts the bubble in three ways:

  • Every IDH initiative starts with finding a cross-cultural and bi-partisan coalition of folks “on either side” of the filter bubble to prove that people can still come together to fight for a just, civil, and sane post-digital world.

  • Our specific #BurstTheBubble Initiatives -- #JusticeForFloyd and Election Parties, for example -- allow for us to come together to determine what is factual and what is opinion. This distinction helps us find common ground, and realize where one might agree while another disagrees in a way that makes space for growth and understanding.

  • Our proven and peer-reviewed IDH methodologies for triangulating truthful news and different perspectives are based on cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on how to both fact check news sources and catalyze/curate stories for all communities to learn from.

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