Post-digital tribalism vs local journalism

Every bi-partisan, multi-faith, and cross-cultural IDH partnership helps #BurstTheBubble: Bursting the bubble heals communities that has been algorithmically put at odds and helping to get valuable information to both sides of the bubble

Post-Digital Tribalism v. Local Journalism ;

With such vast amounts of information on the internet -- and algorithms targeting users with "engaging" content based on their history and demographics -- its no wonder the world is so divided and tensions are high.

#BurstTheBubble seeks to push back against the post-digital "bubble" created by algorithmically partitioned digital spaces that lead to competing ideologies that don't agree on a basic set of facts about the world.

#BurstTheBubble's much appreciated and diverse partners include: Civic Nebraska,
The Northerner, Our Black News, and News on Purpose.


How the IDH and Its PartnerS #BURSTTHEBUBBLE

The IDH bursts the bubble in three ways;

  • Every IDH initiative starts with finding a cross-cultural and bi-partisan coalition of folks “on either side” of the filter bubble to prove that people can still come together to fight for a just, civil, and sane post-digital world.

  • Our specific #BurstTheBubble Initiatives -- #JusticeForFloyd and Election Parties, for example-- allow for us to come together to determine what is factual and what is opinion, and to find where one might agree while another disagrees in a way that allows for growth and understanding.

  • Our proven and peer-reviewed IDH methodologies for triangulating truthful news and different perspectives are based on cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on how to both fact check news sources and catalyze/curate stories for all communities to learn from.

#Burstthebubble victories

  • With the IDH Journalism Network, we partner with the Northerner, News On Purpose, Our Black News, and Saint Paul high school students to work towards a common set of facts, a key aspect of "bursting" the filter bubble.

  • IDH Research Associate Hannah Grubbs's published work on using trauma theory to help heal people and families trapped in filter bubbles. Read it here.

  • Our Partnership with Civic Nebraska also helps breakdown filter bubbles. More on that soon!