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Genre: Zine

Our Handbook is presented in a number of genres that the IDH uses for its clients.  This part of our handbook is a genre you might not already know: Zines.

Download the PDF below. Notice how the pages seem all out of order? If you were to print this out double-sided and then staple it together, it'd be a mini reference booklet (Pro tip: more than one senior employee has a printed out copy of this on their desk).

Why does it look like that?

Zines are scrapbook-style mini-magazines that are focused on a single issue. We initially started using it on our Post-Digital Civility initiative with Hamline University and the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy.  Zines are a fairly straight-forward and interesting genre that we decided to work into our employee handbook as well (It also serves a nice introduction to the genre for our interns and employees). Note that this particular zine is a mixture of computer-generated work and scans of a physical page. Both methods of zine creation are acceptable, as long as the information included is clear and legible.

Zines are just one of many genres the IDH uses to connect with the world on important issues: we believe experience and mastery of multiple genres is needed in an ever-evolving and constantly-changing environment. While working with the IDH, you'll be learning how to make zines, tweets, 'grams, posts, articles, podcasts, legal briefs, and more. Different parts of Employee Handbook will use different genres.

Sure, the IDH is a student-run institute, but we care about the real world. We focus on concrete deliverables. The methods we teach in the IDH Handbook aren't something that only exists in a classroom; we use these methods because real-world lawyers, policy makers, public relations experts, and debaters use these methods every day, and the IDH provides our employees and students with the same skills and tools these experts use. So this zine contains tried-and-true, proven rhetorical theories. You'll find these methods in other parts of the IDH Handbook. 

So buckle up, kids. Welcome to the real world.

What are the methods mentioned in this zine?

More Examples

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