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The IDH has the blueprint and the story to fix post-digital America.


when a longtime Technology Ethics and First Amendment professor -- tired of preaching to the liberal choir in higher education while the country collapsed --crossed the filter bubble and took a gig as a "diversity hire" at a conservative Evangelical college.

 His mission: Bring the left and right together to fight for our post-digital future.

It started as an experiment...

when his new students and a childhood friend (and former Assistant Attorney General) from across the aisle created the IDH, and proved that people  -- conservatives, liberals, Christians, Muslims, and Jewish-Americans -- could put their differences aside and fight for our digital civil rights.

It grew into something magical...

And then everything went to hell

But these kids never quit.

And our community bailed us out.

And then everything went to hell...

But these kids never quit.

And our community bailed us out.

So now we're back.
Because as weird as it sounds
we might be the only
organization with the
holistic & teachable
bi-partisan solutions
(and the story)
to fix post-digital America
(or at least our colleges)
in time.

But the clock is running out.

The IDH works because we know
what we're doing.

This isn't our first rodeo.  For twenty years we've been building non-partisan networks and curriculum on digital ethics. The IDH succeeds -- and others can't -- because we follow five principles: